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An ongoing update of Overflow's newest features and improvements to continue to serve you better.

June 2023

New DAF-Giving Experience

A new way to give through Overflow is here. Introducing DAF giving! The brand new giving experience is quick, simple, and streamlined. 

Learn more here.

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January 2023

2022 Year-End Contribution Statements


Overflow’s 2022 Year-End Contribution Statements will provide your donors with a comprehensive record of their 2022 contributions to your organization. You can access and send the statements through your organization’s Nonprofit Dashboard. 

Learn more here.


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December 2022

Manual Check and  Cash Deposit Entry

Introducing manual cash and check entry! If you are a cash customer on Overflow you can now record all transactions you receive off platform and their associated deposits. Just click the "+Add" button in Payouts to get started.

Learn more here.



Analytics Tools

Overflow Analytics gives you insights into transaction volume and donor counts as well as:

  • How much traffic your Overflow giving links received
  • How much wealth is available to tap into based on your donors' connected brokerage accounts
  • and more!

Learn more here.




November 2022

Financial Account Management

You can now view and manage your connected financial accounts in your Overflow Dashboard. This allows you to keep tabs on which asset classes you have successfully activated with Overflow and update your financial accounts when needed. Note that ALL admins have access to view and change the account information listed in your Dashboard.

Learn more here.


Year-End Banners

Have you noticed a blue addition to the stock-giving experience recently? We've added an alert for donors to help them understand year-end stock donation timelines. If getting their stock gift completed before the end of the year is important to a donor for tax purposes, we recommend that they initiate the transaction with Overflow no later than December 10th of the current year.

Learn more here.



Standardized Addresses

Stock donors will now only be able to enter addresses in the standardized format for their country of residence. Our goal is to eliminate mistakes and ensure your donor acknowledgment letters populate with the best possible donor information. 


October 2022

Text-To Give 

Overflow now offers your donors the ability to donate by texting your unique number! Donors who have given cash through Overflow before can text a keyword and an amount and donate in seconds. Text to give is also available for stock and crypto donations.

Learn more about the experience here.

Ready to get started? Enable this for free in your Dashboard.


New Crypto-Giving Experience

We've also made it even faster to give crypto. The brand-new crypto-giving experience is intuitive, streamlined, and beautiful. Plus, we've built appraisal requirement notices directly into the product. Learn more about Overflow's crypto-giving experience here.



September 2022

Stock Donation Experience Updates

When giving is simplified, donors are more generous. That's why we're always striving to improve the donor's giving experience across all asset classes. We launched a brand-new stock giving experience that does four things:

  1. Communicates security throughout the experience.
  2. Reduces the number of clicks it takes to complete a gift.
  3. Provides tools, tips, and explanations to proactively answer donor questions.
  4. Clarifies all the ways a giver can donate so they can give in the way they are most comfortable.

Not to mention a gorgeous new look and a confetti celebration at the end of the experience! Watch a video walkthrough of the experience here.



A New Way to Give: Financial Advisor Experience

On the homepage of the new stock giving experience, you'll also notice a giving option for financial advisors. Overflow's Financial Advisor Giving Experience is a free feature that unlocks incredible impact for your organization. Donors that are interested in giving large stock donations usually have a financial advisor that manages these types of gifts on their behalf. Now, they can send your Overflow link to their financial advisors and you can track and manage these gifts within your Dashboard. Learn more here.




Dashboard Updates: Contribution History Made Clear

Welcome to a Dashboard that is more transparent and clear. In this latest update, we've revised the terminology for stock donation statuses and dates to make it more understandable where your gift is in the process. If you ever have any questions, you can always click on a gift to open the donation details window. Here, our Donor Operations team will keep you updated with personal notes as to the current status of the gift. You can also request the status of a gift by scrolling to the right of the contribution and clicking the ellipsis. Learn more here.



August 2022


This has been one of the most-requested features from our cash customers and we are so excited to announce that you can now access a record of all contribution fees and associated payouts directly within your Dashboard! With Payouts, you can reconcile cash processing fees and batched deposits with your bank statements. Learn more here.



Recurring Gifts Tracker

Recurring donations are one of the most desired types of giving because they represent consistent, reliable income for your organization. In the new Recurring Gifts section of your Overflow Dashboard, you can easily track who is giving on a regular basis and when their next gift will be. Learn more here.



Cash Acknowledgment Letters

For gifts over $250, the IRS requires that a donor be able to show an acknowledgment letter for that donation should they ever be audited. That's why we've made it easy for you to send cash acknowledgment letters on any donation valued at or above $250. Just like stock and crypto acknowledgment letters, these are automatically generated for cash gifts and can be sent directly from your Dashboard. Learn more here.



July 2022

Corporate Stock Gift Matching

With Overflow's new Workplace Gift Matching feature, a donor can enter their employer's name while giving through Overflow's stock donation experience and receive information on how to request a donation match from their employer. This is a great way to double (or maybe even triple!) a donor's impact which means more funding for your mission! For more details, click here.



Revamped Donor Profile

Not only is the Donor Portal getting a new name, but it's getting a major facelift, not to mention net-new features! The new profile embodies Overflow's mission to inspire the world to give and focuses on celebrating a donor's generosity with a great giving summary on the home page. The profile also puts donation management back into the hands of donors and allows them to edit and delete recurring gifts, payment types, and contact information as well as view and download important tax documents. For a full overview of the release, click here.



Planning Center Online Integration

If you use Planning Center Online as your church's CRM, you can now easily and automatically sync contribution and giver information from your Overflow Dashboard to your PCO account, letting you work in one place and better manage relationships with your congregants. Learn more about the integration and how to set it up on your account here.


Bloomerang Integration

Two CRM integrations in one day?? That's right! We want to serve both our church and nonprofit customers better every day, and we know that integrating Overflow donations to your CRM is critical to your team's efficient workflows. The Bloomerang integration is comprehensive and smooth and will automatically sync all donation data into one place for improved donor relationships. Learn all about the integration and how to activate it for your organization here.



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