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It's that time of year again - giving statement season! If you're worried about getting statements out in time for the January 31st deadline, don't worry - Overflow's improved Statements feature allows you to effortlessly steward your donor's generosity and get them the documentation they need in time for tax season.


A Giving Statement is an IRS-compliant report for donors that consolidates their giving history. It's an essential tool for:

  • Tax Documentation: Providing accurate records for donors' tax deductions.
  • Stewardship and Engagement: Facilitating regular communication with donors about their contributions.


Check out Overflow's Statements feature highlights in this quick video:


How do I use this for Annual Tax Statements?

  1. Access the Overflow Dashboard: Log in to your Overflow dashboard and navigate to the Forms section. Click "Forms" and then select "Statements".
  2. Click “Generate 2023 Statements” at the top: At the top, you’ll see a card announcing your 2023 statements are ready
  3. Accept the disclaimer
  4. Customize the batch of annual statements and generate: Customize the batch name and confirm the fiscal year of contribution dates to include in the statements
  5. Distribute: Send these annual statements directly to donors by sending all through Overflow or download for offline distribution


How do I use this for Stewardship?

You can now send statements to donors at any point during the year! So, for example, if you'd like to encourage donors to submit their giving for a match from their employer before the end of the year, you can send a statement to them in November for the last 11 months so they know how much they can submit for that match.

  1. Access the Overflow Dashboard: Log in to your Overflow dashboard and navigate to the Statements section
  2. Click the green “Generate Statements” button
  3. Accept the disclaimer
  4. Customize: Add a name for the batch so you remember the purpose of this grouping of statements
  5. Select Date Range: Choose the period for which you want to generate the statement
  6. Generate
  7. Distribute: Send these giving statements directly to donors via email from Overflow or download for offline distribution


Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.24.09 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.24.15 PM (1).png

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 9.29.32 PM.png


FAQs & Important Notes

What types of assets are included in the Giving Statements?

All of our online cash (Credit/debit card, ACH, Checks, Cash, Virtual Terminal) and non-cash (Stock, Crypto) giving


Are there any assets that aren’t included in the Giving Statements?

Gifts made via donor-advised funds (DAFs) are not included since they are non-deductible gifts and acknowledged directly with the DAF institution


How often can I generate Giving Statements?

You can generate them as needed - there’s no limit on frequency


Can I re-generate a statement for a particular period?

Yes, you can re-generate statements at anytime. The 'last updated' feature will indicate the most recent generation. This allows you to resend statements to donors if they lost theirs! 


Should I check the box for "Include Imported Contributions"? 

If you migrated your credit/debit/ACH giving from another payment processor to Overflow during the calendar year for which you are generating statements, then you will have the option to include the manually imported contributions from your old processor in your donors' statements. If you don't want to include historical donations from your previous provider, simply leave this box unchecked.


What timezone will contributions be listed in within my statements?

Contributions will display in the timezone of the user that created the giving statements batch. So, if you are in East Coast time but your colleague generated the batch of statements and they are in Central Time, your statements will be in EST and donation dates may be a day off from what you see in your Dashboard (which displays your current timezone - in this case, CT).


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