Financial Advisor Giving Experience on Overflow. What it is and how it works.

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Overflow's Financial Advisor Giving Experience is a no-cost feature that unlocks incredible impact for your organization!


Donors that are interested in giving large stock donations usually have a financial advisor that manages these types of gifts on their behalf. Nonprofit organizations often make their brokerage account information available publicly on their giving page for financial advisors to make direct transfers to their brokerage account on behalf of a donor. That way, a donor is able to give stock in the way that is most comfortable for them. But there are two pain points that arise from this option:

  1. The shares that arrive in the nonprofit's brokerage account have no donor information attached to them and therefore the receiving organization can't properly thank the donor for their gift.
  2. For nonprofits that don't have a brokerage account, it is impossible to work with financial advisors to receive stock gifts directly.

Overflow's Financial Advisor Giving Experience alleviates these pain points and allows 501c3 organizations (even those that don't have a brokerage account!) to receive stock donations from financial advisors.


Here's how it works:


STEP 1: A donor that wishes to have their financial advisor give stock on their behalf can send the advisor a link to the nonprofit's Overflow stock giving page. Here is an example link:



STEP 2: The advisor will then click "I'm a financial advisor" on that page and then "Continue".


STEP 3: The financial advisor will be prompted to enter their personal contact information, the donor's personal information, and the contribution details.




STEP 4: Upon clicking "GET DTC INFO", an email will be sent to the advisor's email address with the brokerage account information of either the receiving nonprofit OR Overflow's brokerage account information if the receiving nonprofit is a liquidation client. The financial advisor will use this information to initiate the transfer of shares on behalf of their client.


Now the receiving nonprofit will know exactly what shares to expect in their brokerage account, and nonprofits that don't have a brokerage account are still able to work with financial advisors to receive stock donations. 501c3 organizations can utilize Overflow's back-end features to lessen the administrative burden of receiving stock gifts and properly acknowledge donors, and donors are able to give in the way that makes the most sense for them. It's a win-win-win!

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