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Overflow is here to simplify and streamline the complex process of donating stock by enabling you to donate your shares in just a few clicks.

Donating publicly-traded stock to your favorite nonprofit is one of the most tax-efficient ways to give. However, this historically has been a time-consuming, frustrating process requiring you to communicate back and forth between your brokerage and the receiving 501c3 organization. Not to mention that in most cases you had to print, fill out, and either fax or snail mail a paper form to initiate your donation. How are we still printing and faxing paper forms in the 21st century?! No one has time for that.  ⌛ ⌛ ⌛


Check out this video walkthrough of the stock donation process:


OR, let us take you step-by-step through the process below. Scroll to the bottom of the article to learn about all the possible methods to give stock through Overflow.


Step 1: Click the 'Donate Stock' button on the organization’s website to which you wish to give stock.

This will take you to Overflow’s stock-giving page for that organization. Below is an example of how this page will look:



On the bottom right you'll see a “Need more help?” button. At any point, you can click this button to get in touch with a member of our Donor Operations team.




Step 2: Log in using your email address or phone number as your username.

You will receive a one-time passcode to either your inbox or mobile phone. We never ask you to set up a password. Your email address or phone number will be your username on the Overflow platform and we will send you a one-time passcode every time you log in to give or access your Donor Profile. This means that the next time you give through Overflow, your information and connected brokerage accounts will load automatically. This makes giving again through Overflow even easier!



Step 3: Search for and select the brokerage account from which you wish to give.

If you have a different brokerage than the ones displayed in the dropdown list, select "I have a different brokerage". This simply means Overflow doesn't have a direct connection to your particular brokerage account. You'll still be able to give stock through Overflow, but won't be prompted to log in to your brokerage account through the platform. Learn more about the brokerages to which Overflow has a direct connection here.



Step 4: Connect your brokerage via Yodlee

Once you select your brokerage account, you will be prompted to log in to your brokerage through Yodlee. Yodlee is a third-party provider that securely handles the brokerage authentication process. Over 600 companies, including trusted service providers like PayPal and Amazon, rely on Yodlee to connect their clients’ accounts.  Learn more about how we handle security and privacy here.




You can choose to not log in to your brokerage account and input the information about the shares you wish to give manually. To take this route, simply exit out of the Yodlee window and select the option to give manually.



If you choose to log in to your brokerage account, however, you'll be able to see exactly which shares you own and which stock has appreciated the most. You can then select the shares you wish to give and enter the quantity by clicking the plus icon on each ticker symbol.



Step 5: Give!

Follow the prompts to choose a designation for the funds, add a note to the gift or to honor a loved one if you choose and enter your personal contact information. Then, review your donation and click "Send Donation" to give!






  • Upon clicking "Send Donation", your stock donation request will be sent to and processed by Overflow, removing the need for you to track down and fill out transfer instructions or engage in back-and-forth communication with your brokerage.
  • You will immediately receive a donation confirmation email for informational and tracking purposes.
  • Overflow will inform the receiving organization that your stock donation is on its way.
  • Upon receipt of your donation, the receiving organization will send you a confirmation receipt and a charitable acknowledgment letter for you to use for tax purposes.

Overflow's Donor Operations team will follow up with you directly via email or phone if there are any complications with your donation. Learn more about what to expect after you submit your donation by clicking here.


You can see all of your giving history and current gift status by logging into your Donor Profile. Learn more about what you can do in your Donor Profile here.


Other Ways to Give

1) Give Manually

Don't want to connect via Yodlee?  No problem! You have the option to go through the process manually. This will require you to reference your brokerage account in order to provide the necessary donation information. To access the manual process, close the Yodlee window and select the "Donate Manually" option that appears.


2) Through Concierge Support

If you searched for your brokerage account name and the Yodlee login window doesn't appear, that's ok! It means that your brokerage account doesn't have a direct connection with Overflow, but you're still able to initiate a gift with a few clicks online. Depending on your specific situation, you might need to provide additional information. Our product will recognize if you need Concierge Support and automatically connects you with our team of stock donation experts to fulfill your donation request. Learn more about concierge support here.


3) Off-Platform

If you do not feel comfortable giving stock online, don't fret! We are still able to help you facilitate a stock gift outside of the Overflow online platform. Our Donor Operations team will guide you through the process and acts as the receiving organization's stock team to make it easier for them to receive stock gifts. Simply email and provide the following information:

  • Full Name:
  • The organization to which you wish to give:
  • Email Address and/or Phone Number:
  • Contact Preference (email or phone):
  • The brokerage you plan to give from:
  • The stock ticker and amount you wish to give:


4) With Your Financial Advisor

If you'd like to loop your financial advisor into the process you have two options:

OPTION 1: Your financial advisor can give on your behalf. Send them the nonprofit's Overflow URL and they can follow the prompts to initiate the donation.

Screen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_2.19.17_PM.pngOPTION 2: When giving stock through Overflow, select "Yes" for the question "Do you have a financial advisor you want to include on this gift?". Enter your financial advisor's email address and they will receive a copy of your donation details.


Learn more about the Financial Advisor Experience here.

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