Overflow App Inc. The origin story.

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A venture capitalist backed Silicon Valley fin tech company with a mission to inspire the world to give...


Vance Roush founded Overflow App Inc. in November of 2019 with the centering principle that the world of the generous gets larger and larger (Proverbs 11:24 MSG). If that's true, then our life purpose, and our company's mission, has to be to inspire the world to give. We’re starting by building the platforms to enable stock-based giving, but not stopping there. We will unlock every major asset class until anyone, anywhere can give anything to the people & causes they care about so that every human being will experience the enlarged life of the generous. 


Why would a fin tech company serve a not-for-profit space?

As access to securities is becoming democratized (think: Robinhood), millennials are shifting their wealth allocation from cash to stock, and technology companies are compensating their employees in equity, there is exponentially more access to stock. Previously, donors have only given from their cash accounts - where they also pay for so many other responsibilities and obligations. But a bucket completely separate from those obligations and expenses is the stock portfolio. When many get the revelation that they can give from their gains, they are typically more generous.


The average donation through Overflow is 47x more generous than the average ACH/Debit/Credit donation across other platforms. Through publicly traded stock, and eventually other assets like cryptocurrencies and private equity, Overflow is creating opportunities for nonprofits to access larger funding pools and make this planet more equitable.


Overflow is backed by people and firms who believe in the enlarged world of the generous, including R7 and Salesforce Ventures Impact Fund. 


Meet our incredible staff aka Flow Fam!


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