How To: Create A New Pledge & Manage Your Pledge Through Overflow

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You're gearing up to commit big to your church or nonprofit's campaign. We've got you covered with an easy way to pledge to a campaign and fulfill against that commitment over time. 

Through Overflow, you can make a pledge in three steps, set up recurring gifts to fulfill against that pledge automatically, or manage your pledge and give one time gifts from your Donor Profile.

Let's jump into creating a pledge...

Make a Pledge

For this article we will be using an example campaign to purchase a church's first building. With a $9 million goal, we're going to need everyone to participate and give big.


Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 8.39.36 AM.png

Set the total amount that you would like to pledge by either selecting a pre-set value or typing in your desired dollar value.


STEP 2: Choose between two options for how you wish to fulfill your pledge:

    • Set up a recurring plan. Select this option to automatically fulfill your pledge on a regular basis over a set period of time.
      • Based on the total amount that you set earlier, you can select a payment schedule to break the total amount into smaller increments and give those over time. 
      • Once you have determined the amount and the frequency for fulfilling your pledge, select the start date of the donation.
      • Review Your Pledge Plan which includes the automated payment schedule and the number of payments that will be made until you reach your total pledge goal.
      • Once you have completed the steps above, select "NEXT." 
    • Give one time
      • Select this option to commit a pledge but fulfill against that pledge later.
      • Once you have set your total pledge amount select "NEXT."

STEP 3: Customize your gift

On the next page select the Campaign and Subcampaign (if applicable) within the dropdown. These may be pre-set by your organization. If available, you can also choose to dedicate your pledge to someone, add a message for the organization, or continue forward by selecting "NEXT."

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.08.35 AM.png

STEP 4: Verify personal information

    • If this is your first time giving you will be prompted to enter your information for the first time.
    • If you are already signed in you may verify your personal information then select "Pledge [Total Amount] Now"

STEP 5: Verify payment details

    • Sign in to Overflow with your phone number or email address to complete your pledge.
    • If you selected the "One-time" option you will be taken to the confirmation page where we celebrate your anticipated generosity!

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.52.05 AM.png

    • If you've selected the "recurring donation" option then you can select the payment method that you would like to use for this donation, or add a new one.
    • Once you have selected or added a new payment method, select "NEXT" and you will be taken to the confirmation page.

Congratulations on making a generous commitment to your organization's vision!

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.55.24 AM.png


Manage Your Pledge

Now that you have established your pledge, let's look at how to manage this pledge over time straight from your Donor Profile. To get started, log into your Donor Profile and navigate to the "Pledges" tab on the left.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 9.06.38 AM.png

Within this section you will see two tabs that provide information about the pledges you have established:

  • Active: Provides a view of all of your current Active pledges.
    • Within the "Active" section you can view all of the Pledges that you have currently established.
    • As you make your contribution towards your established Pledge, you will notice the progress bar will fill over time.
  • Fulfilled: Past pledges that have been completed.


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 9.20.14 AM.png


As previously stated,  you can set up a new Pledge as a Recurring donation, or you can set up a new Pledge as a One Time donation. There are several action items you can take for each section:

  1. RECURRING: If you have a recurring donation created for your Pledge, you can edit the scheduled date of the donation and you can also cancel the recurring gift by clicking on the amount and date highlighted in blue.
  2. ONE-TIME: If you have a one time donation created for your Pledge, you can give any amount towards that Pledge by clicking on the "Give To Pledge" button.
  3. You may also switch your one time donation under your created Pledge into a recurring plan by selecting "Set up recurring plan."


If you have any questions or need any additional support we would love to help. You can reach our Overflow support team by emailing us at

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