How to create custom online giving experiences

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Overflow's Giving Links feature allows you to set specific parameters for your cash giving experience, tailoring the flow to exactly what donors should see and supercharging your donor development.

Giving links are customized versions of the Overflow debit, credit and ACH giving experience you can create from within your Dashboard. Admins can tailor donor flow options such as contribution amounts, campaigns, sub-campaigns, and recurring gift frequencies and then share the link by copying the URL or downloading a QR code.


Take a tour of the Giving Links with Sachin, an Overflow engineer, in the video below!



How to Set Up Giving Links

Step 1: To access Giving Links, click Campaigns in the left menu bar and select Giving Links. 


Step 2: Click "Create Link" to generate a new custom debit, credit and ACH experience. Name your custom link. NOTE: this name will appear in the URL of the link.


Step 3: Next, set the parameters for the link. These settings will change the appearance of the experience for just this link.

As an example, let's say your organization is running a campaign to get 100 people to donate $100 to the Seattle campaign. Giving Links allows you to pre-configured links to share with your donors so that their giving experience reflects the exact campaign parameters. So in this case, you would set the gift amount to $100 and select the campaign "Seattle".



Step 4: For our example use case, you would then set the Gift Frequency to One Time. 

Note: If you are running a campaign to increase recurring giving, another great use case for Giving Links is to pre-set the link to monthly frequency!


Step 5: Finally, create your link by selecting “Generate Link”.


Step 6: You will be provided with a QR code which you can download and share with all of your donors or you can copy the link directly.



Giving Links Analytics

Once you launch your campaign, you'll be able to track important data through the link's Analytics page. This view provides metrics such as total contribution value, contribution value over time, top donors, and conversion rate. To access the analytics page, clicking the campaign item on the giving links page.


Analytics page:


Editing Giving Links

If for any reason you need to change a giving link, you can do so by clicking the ellipsis on the item in the Giving Links view or selecting “Actions” from within the Analytics page. You can either edit the link's settings or remove it from you Dashboard by archiving it.




Can I create a giving link for the stock and crypto giving experiences? 

This feature is not available at the moment for the stock and crypto giving experiences, it only exists for debit, credit and ACH giving. Stay tuned for stock and crypto giving links coming soon!


Can I change my giving link URL? 

Yes, you can do this by changing the name of the link within the link settings.


Do giving links track the source of the donation?

No, URL links do not work like UTM codes, but rather allow you to configure a specific campaign experience. 


Please reach out to if we can support you in moving donors through the cash giving experience faster or increasing donor engagement. We wish you the best on your giving journey!


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