Meeting your donors where they are = More ways for your donors to give stock.

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Overflow has released four additional features within our stock-giving flow that allows your donors to give how they want. 


1. I am a Financial Advisor

Many donors, especially those giving large donations, have financial advisors that oversee their accounts and process donations on their behalf. Furthermore, there are some brokerages that require all stock transfers to go through the brokerage’s financial advisors. The Financial Advisor Flow is another way that Overflow is meeting donors where they are at. The Flow allows advisors to initiate the gift on the donor’s behalf while the nonprofit still gets a seamless record and tracker for the incoming gift. 


2. I want the DTC Information

This feature is specifically designed for donors who may be hesitant to give through an online system, have a brokerage that prefers that the donor or financial advisor submit the stock transfer request, or if a donor would like to give transfer instructions to their financial advisor. When selecting this option, the donor will be directed to input their basic contact information and gift details. Upon clicking “submit” they will receive an email with the stock transfer instructions for the specific organization.


3. Pledges

This is a commonly used cash feature, and we are excited to allow pledging with stock gifts now. With Pledges, your donor will have the option to set a value for what they plan to give by a certain date. You will be able to see which donors have set up Pledges and if they are on track to their goals.


4. Learn More about Giving Stock

This new feature is for donors who land on your stock-giving page and want to learn about all things stock-giving! We provide an overview of the Overflow process + a new video walkthrough + a request information button if your donor would like to speak directly to our Donor and Product Operations team. Furthermore, this new feature allows Overflow to send resources to interested donors in addition to providing their contact information to the nonprofit they are interested in giving to so you have what you need to steward that relationship and potential donation. 




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